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I'd like to implement strategies that will save me time and money.

Sure... where do I need to start?!

How do I create a strong brand image online?

What tools do I need to improve my productivity ?

Where do I have to start to launch an online campaign?

Let us guide you through this. You know, we've all been there.

For three years we established a roadmap that is applicable to almost any market. This roadmap is meant to help you build an efficient online presence.

We called it the how to have an efficient online presence method. Because we like simple things sometimes.

We make a point in giving you a pleasant and enriching experience while improving your online presence and implementing modern strategies to your business.

Julien Bernier
Julien Bernier
Founder of the Rising Rocket Agency


Human-Centered Leadership Experiences

Website creation, strategies, landing pages, maintenance

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Inner potential finder expert

Website creation, strategies, maintenance, hosting

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Streetwear Brand

Ecommerce Website Creation, Strategies, Photoshoots, Maintenance, Hosting



Specialists in glued laminated timber

Website creation, Maintenance

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Our main focus?

Your Growth.

Ready for take off?

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This is 30 minutes of pure value for your business.
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